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LGBTQ Therapist Brian Sharp - Depression - Anxiety - Addictions
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"Through my work with Brian, I noticed that he brought exceptional concern and care in treating clients. He also has a strong ability to be both honest and direct, while simultaneously being warm and inviting. He even brings great humor to any situation."

-- Nicole Patrick, Licensed Professional Counselor

"Can't say enough about the no-nonsense and caring support Brian imparts to his clients -- not to mention colleagues. Wonderful clinician."

-- A. Whitney Shea, Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"As Brian's colleague I was able to witness his strong clinical skills and extreme professionalism. He is a great asset to any clinical setting."

-- Salaam Counseling Connections & Associates, PLLC

"As Brian's colleague I was able to witness his strong clinical skills and extreme professionalism. He is a great asset to any clinical setting."

-- Susan Hargett, Licensed Professional Counselor & National Certified Counselor

Brian L. Sharp

Online LGBT Counseling & Mediumship

I know what you're probably thinking: "Online LGBT Counseling? Yeah, right!" Maybe you've tried therapy before, and it didn't help. Maybe you've even tried online counseling websites like BetterHelp, Pride Counseling or Talkspace. Maybe you've taken medications, but they just didn't seem to fix how you were feeling. Some days it just seems easier to stay in bed with the curtains drawn, so you don't have to face the world. I know how frustrating that feels, to have "lost" something from the way you used to be and to not know what it is exactly, that you've lost - to feel incomplete in some way and to not have the words to describe exactly what you are experiencing. I've helped hundreds of people, who have been in the same situation. Many have told me that I am the first therapist, who has actually helped them.

Clients very often tell me that other therapists they have had "just listened" and "didn't really help me work through anything." There is a reason for this: all therapies are NOT created equal. I use therapy methods, which were specifically designed for conditions like depression and anxiety, and which have consistently proven effective for many years.

I know that making that initial phone call is a difficult thing to do, but don't give up just yet. All therapies are not equal. Most of my clients tell me after only a few short months that they no longer need my help, and this is my aim as a therapist - to give you the tools you need to fly solo. I look forward to getting to know you.

Here's what previous clients have said about their work with me in counseling:

"Not only is Brian good at what he does, but his understanding and genuineness speaks volumes. He's helped me put so many things in perspective, and I actually feel more confident for it. So, thank you for helping me find some of my confidence again, Brian. I almost forgot what it looked like."

"I am very happy that I got Brian as my counselor. He has helped me more than I ever thought was possible. He is kind and helps me understand my feelings. He is easy to talk to, and he is funny, which helps me feel more comfortable. I would 100% recommend him!"

"Brian is such an amazing listener and helps me think outside of the box with my concerns! I highly recommend Brian and appreciate all he has done in just a couple of visits!"

"Brian...he has put up with so much of my crap for so long. He let me have my moments, my meltdowns. Then he gently, and sometimes not as gently (but still very kindly) helped me start really examining my anxieties, fears, my sources of different hurts, and places where I could grow. He travelled with me through a lot of self-discovery, cheered me on, helped me learn tools to draw on, and refused to let me give up on myself. And as things began to open up, as I began to actually start finding the other side, finding happiness, finding the extra space inside my head and my body to breathe and think, he was there to keep me going and offer me more support and further cheering, and some therapeutic "love", if you will. Brian sees me through rough patches and thankfully now mostly checks in every couple of weeks just to see how I'm doing. With all the tools I have gathered, the confidence I have learned, and the knowledge that I can reach out to Brian in case I have questions or need someone to hear me for a moment, life has become so much easier. He's funny, kind, straightforward, and probably the best therapist I have ever had."

"Brian was fantastic as a counselor; I’m actually kind of sad we were able to work through my issues because he’s such a pleasure to talk to. His skills in pinpointing the underlying cause of my issues was awesome, and he did a great job of balancing letting me talk and talking to me about developing tools to deal. The resources he provided were a huge help and I’ve got them saved for future review if I have issues crop up later. Highly recommend Brian if you’re serious about getting yourself on the right path."

"Brian is so amazing! He is not only able to support exploration of feelings he is also really good at creating spaciousness to create next steps that don’t feel too hard and that completely change your attitude and outlook on life. I am SO grateful I found him and can already feel and see how my life had improved. I look forward to session every week!"

"Brian is a wonderful therapist for those who appreciate a no-nonsense type of approach to getting down to the work. I appreciated working with him a lot."

Areas of Expertise & Professional Qualifications

Depression, Anxiety, LGBTQ, Substance Use,
Suicidality and Self-Harming Behavior, Process Addiction (i.e., gambling, pornography/sex addiction, etc.), Codependency, Anger Management

Master of Science in Counseling (2010)
Southern Methodist University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2005)
University of North Texas

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor
Texas, #66868

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Florida, #MH20468

Licensed Professional Counselor
Connecticut, #6092

National Certified Counselor 
Nat. Board for Certified Counselors, #329958

BACP Logo - 388240.png

I have several years of professional experience in treating a variety of clinical conditions but have specialized in online counseling for LGBT, working with depression and anxiety, and substance use and addictions.

In addition to my master's degree training in counseling and professional licensures, I have also undergone additional training in cognitive-behavioral therapy with the Beck Community Initiative.

Although I consider myself an eclectic therapist, I primarily incorporate interventions from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy approaches in my clinical work. These approaches are considered "evidence-based", meaning that there exists a substantial body of research attesting to their effectiveness. 

Learn more about me at Mindful Vision Counseling's website

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Contact Me

I know that taking the initial step to reach out to a therapist can feel a little uncomfortable, but I would encourage you to at least consider it. Many of my past clients, who have never before been in therapy, have told me "I thought therapy would feel too uncomfortable, so I always avoided it. You've really made it a good experience for me." I would consider it an honor and a privilege to walk beside you in your journey of self-exploration and growth.

  • Brian Sharp, online LGBT counselor and spirit medium
  • Brian Sharp, online LGBT counselor and spirit mediumship
  • Brian Sharp, online LGBT psychotherapist and spirit medium
  • Brian Sharp, online spirit medium and LGBTQ counselor and psychotherapist
  • Brian Sharp, online LGBT counsellor, psychotherapist and psychic medium
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