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Thanksgiving: For What I'm Thankful as a Counselor, Couples Therapist and Spirit Medium

family enjoying thanksgiving dinner together

Living in Mexico, I sometimes don't get to visit my own family as much as I would like to do. Today I find myself in a state of contemplation and reflection, thinking not only about family members and friends, who sometimes feel so far away, but also about my other family. I am referring of course to those of you, who have placed your deepest trust and confidence in me as a mental health counselor, allowing me to accompany you on your personal journey of self-improvement, despite having felt dismissed, let down or even traumatized and abused by others in your past. I am referring to those couples, who seek my help after a painful affair, after repeatedly feeling ignored by a relationship partner, or looking to me for guidance on how to separate more peacefully when partners have decided that the relationship is no longer sustainable. I am referring to those of you, who have felt so empty after a loved one dies and need evidence via mediumship that he or she is at peace and thriving in the spiritual realms.

Having lost several people through the years, to whom I felt exceptionally close, Thanksgiving always brings to mind family dinners, in which my grandmothers had painstakingly worked for several days to prepare a loving meal for the family or how my great-grandmother would lead the family in a prayer of Thanksgiving. It even brings to mind some memories of past conflicts within my family and how all of that seemed to somehow be temporarily suspended in order to just enjoy being in one another's presence for the day.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Although many of you have told me that you have learned much and been personally enriched by our work together, know that I also learn much from you and am equally enriched by knowing you. I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those of you, who celebrate it. To others, please know that this is simply a heartfelt "thank you" for each and every moment we have shared together.

Love and Light,


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