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How Mediumship Readings Can Help in Healing from Grief

Mediumship Readings for Grief | Spirit Medium Brian Sharp as a child with his great-grandmother

Mediumship readings have the potential to transform someone experiencing the pain of grief and loss. Grief can be such a selfish--yet devastating--emotion. Attempting to cope with it can be even more of a struggle. Many of you know that my dear grandmother passed away in September. I cried initially a few brief times when I first found out, but for some reason the grief didn't feel overwhelming. I think it's because I knew that she was now at peace, when before she had been struggling even to breathe on many occasions.

I still recall New Year's Day of 2002 as if it were yesterday, though. At the time I worked as a hotel front desk agent while completing my bachelor's degree in psychology. My sister arrived late in the morning, which was odd in and of itself, as she lived more than an hour from where I worked. "You need to call dad right now", she urged me, but would not tell me the reason. When I called my father, he only said to me "You know what I'm about to say, don't you?" Intuitively I somehow knew what was about to come out of his mouth: "You're about to tell me that Granny [my great-grandmother] died, aren't you?" When he responded affirmatively, that is when the emotions overwhelmed me--in that very moment. I'm not proud of it, but the only thing I knew to do at the time was to go to the restaurant next to the hotel and drown my sorrow in alcohol. It was just such a shock to learn that the woman I adored for twenty-one years of my life had suddenly passed away--right after I had just been with her at Christmas. She had been in near-perfect health only a week prior.

For several years I struggled almost daily, trying to make sense of her death. I would have nightmares about it, felt guilty because I had not been there to tell her goodbye, and I had begun to isolate myself from loved ones and friends--preferring instead to cuddle up with my own sorrow and despair. It took me several years to begin to realize that Granny would not have wanted me there to see her gasping for breath in her final moments: she was protecting me--even in her death. I later recalled something, which she used to repeatedly tell me when I was a child. She would tell me that she wanted to live long enough to see me turn twenty-one years of age--and that is when she passed into Spirit--when I was twenty-one.

I had previously allowed myself to become so enveloped in my own sadness, though, that I now in hindsight believe that I was inadvertently and selfishly preventing myself from healing from the pain I felt in her death. After having had various mediumship readings with various spirit mediums, I found the healing I had so desperately sought for several years but had not known how to provide to myself. As a spirit medium I often perceive and communicate with my Granny; with my grandmother, who passed away in September; and even beloved pets, such as my cat Toby. They provide me with constant reminders that they are not really "gone" but have instead undergone a metamorphosis into something greater.

I know too well the temptation to give into the feelings of sadness, despair and sorrow, following the loss of a loved one. Giving into these emotions and shutting out the world only prolongs the emotional pain, though. As a spirit medium I feel honored and privileged to be able to help provide healing to those in need by communicating messages from their loved ones and pets, who earnestly want nothing more than to provide evidence that they continue to thrive and that love--the love of emotional connection to another--never truly dies.

If you are struggling to make sense of a loved one's passing, I would be honored to help. For more information about how I receive information from those in Spirit or for information about mediumship readings in general, please visit my mediumship information page.

Love and Light to each of you.

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